Nico Vaerewijck lives and works in Eksaarde, Belgium.  In a short period Nico Vaerewijck developed an abstracting- figurative style with subjects that appeal to reality. As common for a lot of  the contemporary painters, his images are based upon old footage of photographs, filmstills and documentaries. His Neo-fauvistic imagery translates into a wild enthusiasm and respect for the art of painting. A bold coloration in combination with an obvious use of drippings and at first sight nonchalant brushwork distinguish him as one of the most intuitive painters of his generation.

Where the paintings have a seemingly obvious reality, the images are manipulated in such a way that the viewer is left orphaned. The viewer is initially familiar with the work, but is facing a blurred image that did not immediately relate to the subject, which makes the work simultaneously mysterious and inscrutable.Nico Vaerewijck studied painting at the academy of Sint-Niklaas. He was laureate Legaat Hulstaert in 2012 and was also nominated for Belfius Art 2013.

Prices & Awards

2008 Nominated International Art Price Hoppeland

2012 Laureate Legaat Hulstaert

2013 Nominated Belfius Art 2013


1999-2015 SASK Sint Niklaas